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Clients Recommend

"I am happy to share that with Gabriel Asulin's guidance and the support of his right hand man Ofer, we have succeeded in doubling and almost tripling sales cycles.
These two champs are as familiar with the dental industry as they are with the back of their hands and are well versed in every subject. Additionally, they are also available almost 24/7 for any consultation or question.
We have been with them for 3 years and we will probably never part ... since we strive to move forward and because they both are charming people and friends".

Dr. Avi Babayov Clinic, Jerusalem

"I'd like to thank Gabriel and Ofer who, in a pleasant and determined manner, have significantly changed the practice for the better.
There is no doubt that we are in a better place today and if we had started with them 10 years ago .... the sky is the limit..."
Dr. Doron Talmor Clinic, Ramat Gan

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Increasing Sales and Profitability

The challenge:

Low Sales Turnover and Profitability

Low sales turnover and profitability are a direct result of mismanagement. A clinic can reach high sales cycles and profitability only when it is run and functions correctly and effectively.


Our Solution:

During the first stage of our business consulting we examine the practice's business conduct in order to pinpoint the factors that prevent it from reaching maximum sales cycles and profitability.

Factors such as poor management of the reception station on a day-to-day basis, a low number of new customers arriving at the clinic, inadequate or insufficient personnel, failure to collect payments, etc.

Our business consulting processes includes training and instructing the clinic staff in order to strengthen weak links and implement new management, marketing and sales methods, and in this way increasing sales and profitability to their full potential.


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