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This book is a must in every dental clinic!

The extended and updated edition of the book "Turn Your Dental Practice into a Successful Business" provides innovative tools and methods for managing and marketing a dental practice. These will help improve your clinic's performance and significantly increase sales and profitability.

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Clients Recommend

"I am happy to share that with Gabriel Asulin's guidance and the support of his right hand man Ofer, we have succeeded in doubling and almost tripling sales cycles.

These two champs are as familiar with the dental industry as they are with the back of their hands and are well versed in every subject. Additionally, they are also available almost 24/7 for any consultation or question.
We have been with them for 3 years and we will probably never part ... since we strive to move forward and because they both are charming people and friends".
Dr. Avi Babayov

 I have been working with "Dental Clinic Business Solutions" for almost a year. Since the beginning of the consulting process, there has been a positive change in all aspects of our work - the revenues have increased, almost doubling, the clinic staff's approach has become more business-oriented, and not just professional, and the consulting service is available at all hours of the day.

Dr. Elina Segal

"Dear Gabriel, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful and significant contribution to the success of my dental clinic.

Your marketing ideas, your very helpful advice, and your professional wisdom have brought the clinic to where it is today. Add to this your personal and understanding touch, and you have a proven recipe for success.

During the period in which we worked together – you as a consultant, guide and director and I as a student – It was a privilege to know and cherish a professional in his field of expertise, who puts his customers' best interest first every step of the way.
Dr. Ohad Sharon

 "Gabriel and Michael have been consulting for my clinic for over three years. During this time there has been a significant increase in the clinic's income - the cycle average has increased by 6!!! The improvement is evident on all levels, even in the social interaction within the team. We were also able to move to a new, beautiful and much larger clinic with three treatment rooms. I'm so impressed every time I think of what we have achieved.

The most important aspect of the business consulting is that Michael and Gabriel offer close supervision in all areas: in management, finance, sales, marketing, advertising, and in addressing problems and crises.
Dr. Ella Feibishevsky

 "I'd like to thank Gabriel and Ofer who, in a pleasant and determined manner, have significantly changed the practice for the better.

There is no doubt that we are in a better place today and if we had started with them 10 years ago .... the sky is the limit "...
Dr. Doron Talmor

 "Working with you is like working with a real partner, to whom the success of the business is as important as it is to me. You know how to provide me with all the tools needed in order to find the right solutions and leap forward."

Dr. Hila Klein

 "I am very pleased with all aspects of the consulting process and we have seen an improvement in recruitment and collection, as a result of the tools you have provided us with. The consulting has led to an organizational improvement in the closing of treatment plans and collection process as well as an increase in sales cycles. The consulting process is a very positive one and has made us stronger".

Dr. Zvi Rubinov

"Opening a new practice accompanied by many concerns, but with Gabriel Asulin's guidance in building a correct and effective business plan for the new practice, I immediately realized the potential on a much higher level than I had expected. I am very pleased and recommend the use of Gabriel's consulting services when opening a practice."
Dr. Eli Dolev

"After managing a clinic for 20 years I thought I knew it all. Following friends recommendations I decided to hire "Dental Clinic Business Solutions" in order to analyze the practice's business conduct, after a year and a half of consulting, I understand that it was impossible to truly succeed and profit without their professional advice."
Dr. Rosanna Spooner

"Dear Gabriel, I was very happy to receive your guidance on the improvement and advancement of the my practice and I thank you very much for your great contribution, for the tips and advice to the entire staff and for the consultation throughout. To the amazing Ofer, thank you for all the interesting and useful meetings. Our sales cycle has significantly grown thanks to you!!!Thanks again!

Dr. Omri Rodberg

"The clinic has been undergoing a process of streamlining and business consulting with "Dental Clinic Business Solutions" for a number of months. The momentum is significant. The team is working properly and more effectively. Management is more in sync and the improvement in the clinic's sales cycles are clearly apparent."
Shosh Massas, Clinic Owner