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This book is a must in every dental clinic!

The extended and updated edition of the book "Turn Your Dental Practice into a Successful Business" provides innovative tools and methods for managing and marketing a dental practice. These will help improve your clinic's performance and significantly increase sales and profitability.

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Opening a New Practice

 The Challenge: How to Properly Establish a New Practice?

Establishing a dental practice is a very complicated matter, certainly when competition is on the rise. When establishing a new clinic, you have to make critical decisions, such as whether to open a new practice or buy an existing one? How much to invest? Which location to choose? What types of treatments to offer? How much to charge for treatments? Etc. These decisions will have a major impact on the success or failure of the new practice.


Our Solution:

We have consulted for many clinics as they were starting out, with great success. As part of the business consulting and business plan, we assist the clinic owner in making the right decisions in the initial stages: Is it worthwhile to open a clinic? How much money should be invested? How do you bring in new clients? What should the main focus be? Etc.


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